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Alpha Solution Group wants to be your preferred provider and help you deliver an outperforming advisory practice. Focus on what you do best - managing your clients. There are plenty of vendors offering outsourcing. Whatever happened to making your business better? Partner with Alpha Solution Group to give your practice strategic and competitive advantages.

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Solutions and Services for
Investment and Wealth Managers

I Want:

Help in implementing a large packaged software (portfolio accounting, CRM, etc.)
I need help evaluating packages or I need someone to manage the conversion for me.

I Want:

A tool or software that's not commercially available. I've searched high and low for a solution to my problem and it doesn't exist. I want something build to my specifications.

I Want:

Best in class investment proposals and/or client presentations. I need to close a higher % of my proposals. I want to optimize every opportunity when I'm in front of my clients. I need to help automating the anti-process that is our quarterly reporting scramble.

I Want:

Reduce the operational risk of my practice. I have too many manual error prone processes that my practice hinges on. I can't afford to ignore this any longer.

Custom Software and Tool Development

We offer Web-based and desktop-based software tools to give you a strategic advantage or help streamline your processes. Whatever your business need: investment product research, portfolio accounting, client relationship management, back-office operational support; we can build it. We can build from scratch or enhance existing. From small tools & utilities up to a full-functional application; we can deliver.

example - Book of Business Reporting

Looking for an at-a-glance depiction of your practice? Executive dashboard reporting gives you the insight you need about accounts, prospects, and AUM. How has your business grown? Which clients have made significant contributions? Which clients have made large withdrawals and may be at risk? Which accounts have underperformed their benchmark for the last 3 quarters and would warrant additional face time? Which representatives are on track for the business development goals?

example - Data Integration between Systems

We can provide integration services for applications that don't offer out-of-the box integration. Is your data land-locked across your CRM, planning system, and PMS? We can help you achieve a best of breed portfolio management technology suite.

Customized Client Reporting and Presentations

Our reporting services can enable your firm to tailor-fit client-facing material. Custodial reporting platforms don't offer the flexibility, consistency with your other printed materials, or provide you any differentiation from competitors. If you want customization beyond the 'Insert your logo here', we can help. Instead of providing your clients with stock transaction ledgers and performance reports, put your best foot forward and demonstrate the value of your services however you define it. Transform your quarterly performance report into an opportunity to present your value-add to a client four times a year.

Database Installation, Backup, Archival

Microsoft Excel and Access are fantastic tools and are widely available. But they have limits. Chances are you've found them. Can you afford the risk any longer that someone's 'oops' could knock out your mission critical data for days? We can help solidify, enforce referential integrity, and implement access controls for your data. We can upsize your existing Microsoft Excel or Access databases into business or enterprise class databases: SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle, and open-source (MySQL) databases. Once you've established your database we can help you implement a backup and archival plan to keep it safe. Finally, we can analyze, scrub, and process the data in ways you never thought possible

System Data Migration and Conversion Services

Are you locked into your current PMS system because you don't fit into the vendor's definition of a 'standard' conversion? We can help. We offer advanced mapping utilities and services to enable you to make the strategic conversion happen. We have the experience and the know-how to manage your data and conversion smooth.

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