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In investment management, an investor's return is comprised of both α (alpha) and β (beta). Mathematically, alpha and beta are the constant and slope terms of the linear regression of return against a given benchmark.┬áIn layman's terms, the beta component is overall market return. All investors in the same market during the same time period enjoy the same beta.
The alpha component is the component of return in excess of the market. Simply stated, alpha is the quantitative measure of outperformance amongst the field (market). Alpha Solution Group enables our clients to outperform.


Bryan Brook is the president and founder of Alpha Solution Group. Bryan started his career establishing a solid foundation of system design and software engineering at a Fortune 100 company. After completing his master's degree, he joined a Big 5 financial services consulting firm specializing in applying technology to solve investment problems. In 2002, Bryan applied those skills to the industry working for Evergreen Investments, the investment management arm of Wachovia Bank. At Evergreen, Bryan provided software solutions for fixed income portfolio managers.

Bryan returned to consulting in 2006. Through independent consulting or working for former employers, Bryan has consulted for Wells Fargo (Private Bank, Family Wealth, and Wells Fargo Investments), PNC Global Investment Servicing, SEI, Evergreen Investments, Wachovia, Deutsche Bank, MetLife, a Zurich-based Swiss private bank, and Morgan Stanley. He's worked in over 10 states, 5 time zones, 3 countries, but only 1 language (English).

In 2007, Alpha Solution Group, Inc was incorporated. Alpha Solution Group specializes in investment management and financial services. Find out more about what we offer..

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